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Rishikesh, 249304 Uttarakhand (INDIA)

03 August 2016

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Yoga in Rishikesh

The yoga capital of world - “Rishikesh” – is named after the lord “Vishnu” - the God of senses. Rishikesh is a holy Hindu city which located on the banks of River Ganga & at the foothills of ancient Himalayas in the northern part of India. This city acknowledge a vast variety of tourists all-round the year from adventure travelers to pilgrimers to foreign tourists who come here to find mental & physical rejuvenation by learning our ancient yogic art/ science. With the help of this “art of yoga” anyone can unite his/ her mind, body & soul and can even try to reach the supreme GOD by preaching him and indulging into spirituality.

This city has numerous yoga academies, yoga schools, yoga retreat, yoga centers, etc. Therefore, this is the main destination of thousands of yoga followers/ practitioners. It is believed that practicing yoga o this sacred land brings one closer to the attainment of “Moksha”. Rishikesh is also home to one of the most prominent and dedicated yoga institute- THE YOGA STAIR. This yoga school is working with a mission to widen & spread the ancient yogistic insight & values to common human beings and to all whosoever wish to grab the benefits of this ancient art form. Here at Yoga Stair a variety of yoga courses are offered as well as conducted such as- 200hrs yoga teacher training, yoga teacher training for beginners, 300hrs yoga teacher training, etc.

But in each program our focus is over:- Hatha yoga, Asthanga yoga, Pranayama, Bandha, Meditation, Teaching Methodology, Mudra, Kriya, Relaxation, Human Anatomy, Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda
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Capital Rishikesh

Yoga Stair is a residential yoga academy based in Rishikesh. It is established in Rishikesh as the town offers pleasant climatic-conditions and lush green nature amidst awesome scenic beauty – it not only pleases eyes but also mind and soul.

For many people learning yoga in Rishikesh has been a life changing experience. In this holy city the students get the feel of profound spiritual energy and grace while learning and practicing yoga.

There are several benefits of learning yoga in Rishikesh but the first and the foremost it that you will realize that everyone is here for the same reason or purpose for which you are here. Being surrounded by likeminded people with common passion helps building life time bonds with each other – bonding that is beyond gender, racism, religion, cast and color and lasts for lifetime.

A wordless understanding develops among yoga students, that is the basis of friendship and love among each other and also provide strength to face the challenges and to bear the pain while leaving the academy – a spiritual family of equal-minded people.

Yoga Teacher Training in India Rishikesh

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