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03 August 2016

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Yoga in India

Why Study Yoga in India?

In simple terms yoga means Union- the union of body with soul and soul with consciousness. Yoga is an ancient and natural way to nurture a balanced and peaceful day-to-day life and involve you in some skillful, interesting and captivating task rather than sitting idle and thinking over past mistakes & events. Yoga Stair is your yoga mat helping & encouraging thousands of stressed and depressed people to live a more joyful & cherished life. It aids an ordinary soul to indulge in absolute purity of thoughts & reap the fruits by practicing this ancient art or science. Yoga Stair offers you a wide variety of courses for all yoga levels such as- Yoga Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners, etc. Here we help you recognize your inner strength and even motivate you to learn that you can go beyond the horizon & become a successful yoga alliance certified yoga trainer. Here you will understand the significance of yoga in the life of a yoga practitioner.

International Yoga Day

At Yoga Stair we believe in encouraging you as a student or as a teacher to fight against your inner limitations. We help you to go ahead of you inner potential & explore the best of yourself, this helps you in expanding & understanding your mind & inner consciousness. We are here to tackle all your yoga related queries, these queries are always welcomed by us as this helps in increasing your wisdom about yoga and its various forms. Yoga is a technique to enhance your unique & innovative mind-body techniques.

Yoga stairs aims at empowering the enrollers of yoga teacher training in India course to take-up the role of a responsible teacher which assists them in finding an excellent teacher within themselves. This is an amazing technique which gives highly effective results, enabling each yoga enroller to participate voluntarily in day to day activity, hence increasing the interest and insight both at the same time. The yoga teacher training course held under Yoga Stair (Yoga Academy) is guided by some of the in-house, highly qualified & experienced yoga trainers.
Why Yoga in India Our classes are based on the curriculum that is designed by our skilled and experienced yoga experts for the students and it is according to the instructions rolled over by Yoga Alliance, USA. Also, our curriculum is a fine combination of theoretical, physical and facilitation classes. This helps the enrollers of the curriculum is a fine combination of to attain an overall development & complete their journey of finding a natural yoga teacher within. As we follow & maintain the standards of the Yoga Alliance, USA, our syllabus is inclusive of: -

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Hindu Mythology
  • Philosophy of Hatha Yoga
  • Asana teaching methodology
  • Pranayama teaching techniques

During our course we initiate practicing teaching from the very 1st week & the course studies are rendered with modern coaching techniques which lead to a highly effective & efficient learning of yogic insights. Our teachers keep an extra eye on each student thereby give each enroller a complete personal attention that is necessary for the holistic growth and development of students.

We also have some exciting opportunities for students who wish to assist their teachers in the upcoming yoga teacher training sessions, this helps students in refining their skills. We are not running after the bookish studies or manuals, we promote this ancient art/science with modern yet in-depth traditional teaching techniques and modules. Whether, you are a yoga student or a yoga teacher planning to pursue a fresh yoga teacher training in India to learn more or refine existing yogic skills, is welcome to Yoga Stair – the right yoga teacher training academy for you.