Near Swarg Ashram Ramjhoola,

Rishikesh, 249304 Uttarakhand (INDIA)

03 August 2016

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Yoga in India

Yoga Teacher Training Reviews


I thought I was coming to a yoga teacher training to learn kick ass moves and postural assists. I had no idea the level of expansion, growth, transformation and heart opening I would under go. Wow, Wow, and Wow! Beyond any and all expectations. This has been the most Life-affirming experience, in a way that filled my heart so completely that I know I can return home and do that for others. Wow, THIS course should be a requirement for all of humanity. Thank you for providing such a loving, open, and inspiring environment for yogis to dive in and remember who they are.

( Canada )

I came into this training having already done my 200 hour training certification, as well as having quite a bit of teaching experience. I was looking to deepen both my own personal practice, I really enjoyed the 'immersion' style of it, as I was able to totally surround myself by everything yoga, as well as gain a much more consistent daily practice. Learning about philosophy, asana, as well as ayurveda, I would very highly recommend this training to anyone who loves yoga, whether you want to become a teacher or not.

Alex john

I never imagined that so much could be learned in such a short duration of yoga training teacher training. From day one to last day of the course everything went fantastic. The masters Vikas and Gopal really know the skill to turn a yoga beginner into a yoga expert. Few of my favorite topics were yoga philosophy, yogic diet and human anatomy. Human anatomy helped me to understand the how different poses affect different muscles and organs. Stay was full of western comforts and food was freshly cooked, vegetarian and full of variety.


For me learning yoga in India is one of the unforgettable experiences of my life. I was already impressed with diversity in Indian culture and traditions and now again quite happy after spending almost one month of my life at Yoga Stair with the cooperative management and compassionate yoga masters. The training not only helped me in realizing me my true potential but also taught that how we can lift our society by being more compassionate and following a yogic life style. Westerners who never visited India, for them enrolling for yoga course in India definitely would be a smart way to experience the culture, taste the cuisines and see the beautiful natural locations of the country.

( Italy)

I just became a certified yoga instructor after completing my training at Yoga Stair. In my hometown I learned yoga in a local yoga studio but was not satisfied as I knew yoga was much more than just practicing poses and breath exercises. After a brief research on net I made up my mind to visit Rishikesh, India for certified yoga course. I inquired few of the yoga schools in Rishikesh and finally shortlisted the Yoga Stair as I find it affordable and liked the profile of its masters. The way the management received us and finding the students from across the world have assured me that I made a right decision by choosing this school.


A master plays a great role while you learn something! For that I feel myself lucky enough in learning yoga under the guidance and supervision of guru Vikas and Mohan. The poses which it though I would never be able to practice practiced at yoga stair with precision without hurting myself. Thanks to the master who really understood my limitations and strengths and accordingly given me the clues and tips.

( USA)

My experience and training with Yoga Stair (Yoga Academy) at Rishikesh will always remain with me as a life changing way. It was one of the most rewarding moments in my life. I took admission as a fresher but now I have lot of confident & experience of yogic life. Acharya Mohan's helped me every time when I go down. But finally I got the opportunity to reinforce faith and balance in myself and to interact with so many warm, wonderful individuals.