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Rishikesh, 249304 Uttarakhand (INDIA)

03 August 2016

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Yoga in India

Yoga Retreat in India

In today’s world anyone can easily fed up with daily routine, repetitive tasks and thought processes. But all these things are necessary and related to our livelihood. We just need to maintain same enthusiasm, energy and positivity while accomplishing our day to day tasks. And, it is not a big deal to achieve this if one relies on Yoga Retreats in India. Yoga Retreats are believed to be the most ideal way to spend vacations, as vacations are meant to be full of fun, rejuvenation and relaxation. And, Yoga retreats truly fulfill all the criteria of a perfect retreat. You are detached from technology (texts, posts, and tweets), family and friends and get plenty of time to introspect, relax and unwind. The popularity of yoga-vacation is growing day by day all across the world.

India is proud of being the most preferable destination for yoga retreats. The credit goes to its recognition as a birthplace of yoga and establishment of yoga retreats in accordance with authentic yogic-philosophy and teaching, as described in the Vedic scriptures. Some cities in India, like, Rishikesh are completely devoted to this ancient practice. Rishikesh is also popular as a “yoga capital of the world”. We also have the privilege of being established in this holy yogic-town. We have created such an environment in our academy that students feel as if they are in a yoga retreat during their stay in Yoga Stair for a yoga teacher training program.

The yoga retreats in India are strategically located and designed. Not only the retreat’s environment and premises but also the surroundings are very scenic and fascinating. You enjoy the view of sprawling mountains, snow-covered peaks, sea-beaches and rivers while spending time with yoga masters and other likeminded people in the yoga retreat. Some of the distinct features of the yoga retreats in India are ayurvedic massages and yogic-diet, yoga-therapy and yoga-nindra, etc. The one more beautiful aspect of yoga retreats in India is their affordability; anyone from across the world can easily plan for these yoga retreats without hurting his or her budget or savings. The all-inclusive yoga retreat packages include stay, meal, massage, spa and much more.

You will find, how much interesting it could be practicing asana, meditation and pranayama with likeminded people in a yoga retreat. The batches are small in yoga retreats. You can take pleasure in your privacy or can interact with yoga masters for as long as you want to get answers/solutions for your queries/doubts. Most of the cities of India offer pleasant weather conditions all year round. The cities also have good connectivity with rest of the world by air, road and railways. It all ensures you a comfortable journey before reaching and after your departure from a yoga retreat in India. So, this time spend summer or winter vacations in a yoga retreat in India to understand and experience that rejuvenation, relaxation and positive energy are not just words but actually happen in yoga retreats of India.