Near Swarg Ashram Ramjhoola,

Rishikesh, 249304 Uttarakhand (INDIA)

03 August 2016

Admissions Open
Yoga in India
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga for Beginners

The basic aim behind practicing yoga is not just the physical fitness but it aims at integrating human body with mind & soul so as to find a whole new world of stress-free living. Now you must be wondering how to start practicing yoga? Then to evade this query of yours yoga Stair is here- to guide you in your entire yogic journey.

Yoga Stair is an international yoga alliance, USA registered yoga academy, offering yoga courses for beginners in Rishikesh (India). This can prove to be a good opportunity for the people who wish to lay strong yoga foundation. The course offered by Yoga Stair academy is conducted by some of the most experienced and skilled yoga teachers in Rishikesh (India). The culture, environment and surroundings of this yoga academy are perfectly chosen to help students explore their inner sense by learning the art of practicing yoga science/ art. The academy is running under a strict discipline and the guidance of yoga gurus will surely develop and help you experience the essence of your pure soul. Our yoga for beginner’s course is intended for students who wish to learn the yogic art and who desire to lead the rest of their life on the spiritual path of yoga.

During the start of the course teacher’s try to analyze each student’s body potential, flexibility, breathe control, etc. Later, based on the analysis yoga teacher’s take care of each student on personal basis. During the course students get to learn various asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, yogic history and human anatomy. By practicing and attending yoga session’s students learn to create a perfect balance amid mind, body, soul & breathe. The basic aim of our academy is to render pure & authentic yogic insights so as to lay a strong yoga foundation in each & every student. Many students take this learning into their profession and lead their life as a yoga teacher, hence it becomes more important to teach each one of them the proper utilization of yoga tools, yoga principles and augment the importance of yoga in the life of others.

With some of the best teachers on the panel of our academy you can be assured of a holistic, rich and apart from other’s experience. On the same time you can also rejuvenate with the beautiful surroundings of the yoga capital (Rishikesh). This is just an ideal place to get you involved and experience the lifestyle of Indian people and their civilization. The academy is also situated at a beautiful, quiet and peaceful location where river Ganga is at a walking distance. So come join us on the spiritual yoga journey. We look forward to welcome you to yoga stair academy.