15 October 2018

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Yoga in India

Arpit Yoga Teacher Training in India

Arpit Yoga offers 200hour/500 hour yoga training programs alongside the Ganges river Rishikesh. Arpit Yoga Teacher Training Programs(AYTTP) offers variety of yoga styles like Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar Yoga,Hatha yoga and modern approaches of teaching. We are Registered yoga School(RYT 200/500) accredited with yoga Alliance Rishikesh. For more Details click here.
AYTTP aims to enrich and Strengthen your yoga practice and to provide safe and effective learning to students of all levels; from beginner to intermediate through our yoga Experts. In order to achieve our aim we have ensured skilled and Expeirenced teachers who are exposed to constant learning session to enhance their skills as teachers. Our rigorious training sessions will help students to overcome physical as well as mental challenges and let them in the state of perfect health,spritiual contententment and total well being. Meditation practices in our sessions will let them know about “How to maintain balance and control between mind and body ”.Such practices will help you in attaining ability to relax and calm yourself at your own will. Our training sessions are held in the foothills of Himalayas at Rishikesh where one can find eternal peace and spritiual strength in the lap of Nature. Our classes comprises of micro-baches with 10-15 persons thereby rendering personal supervision and guidance to each and every student and preventing possibilities of any kind of distractions that will divert mind during intense yogic as well as Holistic practices.

We are offering 200 hour/500 hour Teacher Training Programs .200 hour training program is significantly introduced for “Yoga Beginners”.This 200 hour intensive Teacher Training Program will Propagate into students all the necessary skills to teach yoga which includes regular yoga Exercises,Yoga asanas and Meditation practices.A certificate of complession will be given to Trainees after successful comletion of every Training Session.For Details Click here .
500 Hour Teacher Training Program meant will be beneficial for advanced yoga leaners.After successful completion of 200 hour program,you can re-immersed into our subsequent 300 hour Tacher Training Program where you can Experience Hi-Tech training Schedules where you can learn modern teaching methodologies That will enable you to become an accomplished yoga trainer. Our Classes are held 3 days a week or as per Schedule. Prequisites for Training • You must be physically as well as mentally fit for getting enrol into our training sessions. • Proper medical consultation is advisable,specially for pregnant women before joining our courses. • Registration for courses must be done alongwith registration fee month before commencement of classes. • Registration charges are non-refundable,in case of withdrawal of registration you will not be liable to get your fees back. • Age limit for our courses is 18-60 years. Get More Details