15 October 2018

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Yoga in India

Yoga Retreat in India

With the rising need to alleviate the stress, rejuvenate minds and soothe tired bodies, people are increasingly taking Yoga to transform their lives into something extra significant. In addition, after the cognizance of Yoga by the United Nations with the declaration of the ‘International Yoga Day’, the repute of Yoga has accelerated exponentially. There are now more than 20 million practitioners of Yoga globally. Apart from distressing, Yoga offers numerous benefits like all round fitness, weight loss, better body posture, improved immunity and concentrations, reduced conflicts and so forth. There has been a lot of focus on wellness in the recent years and doctors globally are now recommending a yoga trip for detoxification of the body and relieving stress. Considering India, the place where Yoga originated and began, whenever one thinks about a Yoga vacation, India is a place that pops up in everyone’s minds. There are numerous Yoga retreats in India throughout its length and breadth that offer Yoga coaching and training in a short course. So, people on vacation for a brief period can come to these retreats and take up these short courses.

In India, the town of Rishikesh known as “The Yoga capital of the World” is the place that has the most number of Yoga retreats in the country. This town is centered on foothills of the sacred Himalayas within the lap of nature surrounded by remarkable hills alongside free flowing river Ganges offering a holistic, clean and peaceful environment for practicing and learning Yoga. Rishikesh, along with, being a spiritual hub in India, is also internationally famous for the many adventure sports and treks. Hence, one can enjoy both –adventure and in addition, Yoga coaching thereby giving the mind and soul a metamorphosis from day-to-day work. At Rishikesh, there are Yoga retreats peculiarly offering Yoga training to foreign nationals. Arpit Yoga is one such Academy that offers Yoga coaching to people and also acts as a yoga teacher training institute for foreign nationals. At Arpit Yoga academy, all the Yoga styles are taught. However, for people on a vacation, the Hatha Yoga, and the Asthang Yoga are primarily taught considering that these are the basic Yogic tactics and are relatively slow and gentle helping practice postures and breathing exercises.

A one month Yoga retreat package at Arpit Yoga offers the Yoga training along with lodging that is in synch with the Yogic way of life. The meal is provided three times in a day, prepared in the kitchen of Arpit Yoga using fresh vegetables, pulses, and spices. Arpit Yoga has been certified by the world renowned Yoga Alliance, USA and has experienced yoga experts as teachers. Arpit Yoga also offers teacher training with internationally recognized certificates which helps transform students into efficient Yoga teachers who can then open their own institutes in the future. For more information about the yoga training courses and coaching at Arpit Yoga, please visit