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03 August 2016

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Yoga in India
International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

A historic decision was taken on 11th December 2014 when United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as an International Yoga Day. Yoga is around 5000 years old Indian physical, spiritual and mental practice. While addressing UN, Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi suggested June 21st as the International yoga day because it’s the longest day of the year in the Northern part of the earth.

Yoga has a number of benefits not just physically but mentally and spiritually too. Practicing this art on regular basis can give remarkable results. During the UN general Assembly Mr. Modi said that Yoga is an art form which symbolizes the amalgamation of mind and body, it’s a priceless ancient traditional possession. This art form is divine as with the help of this synchronization amid man and nature is done, in simple terms it’s a holistic practice to fitness and well-being.

The thought of celebrating yoga day was initiated with a positivity to changes the lifestyle of the people and increase the level of well-being. The International yoga day became a great success with the support of various global leaders, whereas this event was celebrated by several people and more than 170 countries which may include- China, USA, Canada, etc. During this event people were not just taught or encouraged to perform yoga but awareness was given to the public about the benefits of doing this art. Shri Narender Modi has instigated this event to make public aware that regular practice of yoga will definitely lead the world and its upcoming generations towards better mental, physical and intellectual health. Some of the major objectives of celebrating the World yoga Day are:-

  • a. To help people understand the wonderful and natural benefits yoga provides.
  • b. To help people in coming close to the nature.
  • c. To help people adopt the meditation technique of yoga to reduce daily stress.
  • d. To grab the attention of the people from all over the globe towards this ancient holistic art.
  • e. To decrease the increasing health issues faced by the public worldwide.
  • f. To help people in stealing some time from busy schedule for improving their health.
  • g. To assist the world in leaving behind all the problems and fights, whereas inducing peace and development.
  • h. To safeguard the world from doing unhealthy practices thereby leading them towards good as well as healthy art form.